Relaunching structure 2014
pvc, wood, metal;
214 x 146 x 137 cm
inkjet print on blue black paper 120gr.
100 x 70 cm
10 + 1 EA
Exhibition view: Carnet de bal - 20th anniversary of The Museum of Modern
and Contemporary Art, Geneva

Relaunching structure 2014 is constituted by two elements: a sculpture and a multiple that takes the shape of a poster. The sculpture is a remake model of the destroyed monumental piece «A Way Station for Launching an Obsolete Power” (A Thought Collision Factory in Pursuit of a Journey) (Clip in a Rifle – A Weapon), realised in 1979 by the american artist Denis Oppenheim.

The white imaculate model condenses the different states of existance of the original piece and becomes a sculptural manifestation of memory, not of melancholy or mourning, but of radical potential.

On the other side the multiple is the didactic part of the piece that reveals its story and at the same time aims the displacement of the sculpture. This printed-matter is shown at the same time as the sculpture but at other places. It is a kind of enlarged cartel that points to a lacking presence. It’s multiplication increases the potential interpretations of the piece.

Although materially present in the exhibition spaces, both parts of Relaunching structure 2014 present an absence or incompleteness. They are like fragments of a anterior future, fleeing temporal fixity and evoking the perpetual circulation of form.