The ruin has become a way for me to explore the narrative
potentials of an art piece. In my work it’s neither a question
of romantic ruin or of some kind of nostalgie for the past.
My approach to ruin embodies a set of temporal and
historical paradoxes.

I always refer to a close past and recognizable contexts
while projecting the spectator forward into some random
future. Most of my works have as a starting point a place
or an image that appears in a state of ruination. They are
structured according to various dichotomies:
abstraction/figuration, personal imagery/official culture
and model/copy. They are the material manifestation
of memory, not of melancholy or mourning, but of radical

The art process gives evidence of a state of permanent
metamorphosis, an intermingling of objects and
reference systems. It is a three dimensional expression
and a way of releasing ourselves from logical
chronologies, and linear temporality.

In a hunting area
ceramic, engobe, 56 x 52 x 30 cm
Exhibition view - La vistoire commence ici
Sator Gallery, Paris 2012