In a hunting area
ceramic, engobe, wood
Exhibition view - La vistoire commence ici
Sator Gallery, Paris 2012 and Vue sur le Rhône, Centre d’art en Île - Halle Nord, Geneva 2013

The project “In a Hunting Area” was realised at the Center for Experimentation and Realisation in Contemporary Ceramics in Geneva. It is presented as a series of elements that form an overall architecture.

This work debuted with research around Balkan web portals that cover real estate and apartments, with a main focus on houses. After making a selection of houses, I recreated a kind of reconstruction of these buildings on the scale of 1:20.
These buildings were chosen for their age and decaying appearance, as well as for their state of abandonment and lack of hope of being filled with future inhabitants. Actually because of economic changes in the region, they were never completed, and they stand as empty remains of the mid-nineties. 
In this sculptural work I question the suspension of time and the determination between past and future.