Hôtel Palenque
wood,ink, print, plexiglass
120 x 60 x 20 cm

The piece “Hotel Palenque” is based on the writings and slides that the American artist, Robert Smithson realised in 1969 in Mexico and then presented in a lecture at the University of Utah in 1972.
In this work his observations, analysis, and poetic approach transform the existing Hotel into a potential material, an archive to be defined.
By repainting, rewriting and more generally appropriating Smithson’s imagery, I tend to displace his work in an art piece. 
My piece is a mixture of painterly gestures, prints and banal things that contaminated the process of “serious” creation.
In this presentation the discrete art object is transposed within the unstable vectors of space and time. The piece evokes the lack of either focus or direction and stands against fixity. The idea of an unfinished work, which is in progress and is an open system rather than an ideologically unidirectional one, defines my installation.